Holy Rosary Parish

Dear  Parishoners:
The good news is out:  we are reopening our churches in the diocese on July4/5th.  The first Mass at Holy Rosary will be on Saturday, July 4th, 2020 at 4:15 p.m.  The daily Mass schedule will be announced at the weekend Masses.
I met last week with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Liturgy Committee to review the Diocesan Guidelines for Safe Reopening of our Churches and to make arrangements to implement them at Holy Rosary.  We, first of all, wish to assure you that Holy Rosary will be a safe and welcoming environment for you, however, we must all be conscious of each others' well being and cooperate in the following guidelines:

1) Physical distancing 2m(6 ft) is to be strictly maintained.
2) Wearing a mask is highly recommended
3) There will be sanitizers at the Church entrance.
4) Seating will be staggered--every third pew.  Families may sit together.  Individuals may sit in an already occupied pew if social distancing is observed.  Parishoners should avoid sitting next to the main aisle.
5) All pews, the tops and sides of the pews will be wiped with a sanitizing agent after each Mass.
6) There will be music during Mass but we are encouraged NOT to sing! to avoid  spread of our droplets.
7) The washroom should be used only when absolutely necessary.
8) Communion will be received in the hand.  The communicant will stand at the designated spot, will respond Amen to the Body of Christ and then proceed to the Eucharistic Minister.
9)  At the end of Mass persons ought to  leave the building beginning with those at the back.
10) A basket will be placed at the exit for the Sunday offerings.
Recently, Pope Francis said: the pandemic is like a storm laying bare illusions that people can be self sufficient and instead finds "all of us fragile and disoriented and needing each other's help and comfort."  I hope that our worship on the weekend and at daily Mass 
 will be life giving as we break open the Word of God and are fed by the Body of Christ.